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Post-Lussinatt Blog Post

I hope the world had a lovely Lussinatt!

Currently, I am busy writing an essay about how elements of Nietzsche’s philosophy hide a deeper narrative of Marxist though in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. In other words, I’m writing this post to slack off. Rather than detail my paper, I think I’ll stick to something more amusing, if that’s possible. My subject shall be: Stuff White People Like.

First off, the Stuff White People Like blog is brilliant. Apparently it has been around for quite a while, but I only recently discovered it. Kudos to he who suggested I go there! The brilliance of the blog is that it is not about white people at all. What is it about? I think here we should consider one of Slavoj Zizek’s favourite sayings. Stuff White People Like is about “postmodern, multi-cultural, liberal capitalism.” Not only is it about this group, the dominating force of (post)modern culture, it makes fun of this group.

Keeping in the mode of Zizek, it is fair to say that the blog exposes many of the ideological idiosyncracies of po-mo, mu-cu, lib cappies. One of the best posts on the blog is #62 Knowing what’s best for poor people. The statement is, in itself, entirely true. The (post)modern left loves to know what’s best for poor people. Especially without asking them. But there is a more subtle horribleness here. Actually, there are two.

1) The first horribleness is the leftist obsession with sameness. It is a failure to realize that populism is a necessary condition of capitalism. At least right-wingers tend to be honest about their fascist desires. The left hides them, because that’s not civilized. It is a failure to realize that this need to be “civilized” or “open-minded” or “tolerant” actually means to be “civilized,” “open-minded,” or “tolerant” of ideas sympathetic to capitalist ideals. Just as the charity of the right cannot work, the so-called-socialist left cannot work; the right is honest that they don’t give a damn about the poor, but the left pretends. Which is more offensive?

2) The passage from Stuff White People Like also reveals a horribleness about blame. The po-mo, mu-cu, lib cappies also hide a hatred for the poor. This hatred is based on an inner belief that the poor have chosen to be poor. “Oh if only the poor had an education” is really, “Oh if the poor weren’t so stupid.” The real lament should be “Oh if only the poor weren’t poor.” The poor wouldn’t be poor if the blasted hippie mentality wasn’t so pervasive!

Here, I would launch into a diatribe on hippies. The ideology of capitalism crouches beneath the rank veil of hippie ideology. I don’t like it. But this diatribe can be saved for another time…