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Sorry NYT, that is not news…

As I went to breakfast this morning, I picked up the New York Times. Just one of my many habits. I scanned the front page as I took a bite of yoghurt. Haiti, check. Blackwater investigation, check. Toyota dying? check. Gays in the military, check. No Child Left Behind being changed by Obama, check — though to be fair, Obama is not really seeking “Sweeping Change” like the headline suggests. And then… “Men With Guns Defend Historic Mandela Site… From Rabbits

Yup. The NYT did a front page article about rabbits. Front page. Front page.

The article included: 1 color photo of a bearded man holding three dead rabbits, 1 black-and-white photo of butchers preparing rabbits to be donated to the poor, and 1 map of Robben Island, the Mandela Site in question.

Yes, we understand that the overpopulation of one species can destroy an ecosystem. Yes, we understand that rabbits are pretty freakin’ annoying. Yes, we understand that Nelson Mandela’s historic sites must be purged of lagomorphs. But seriously, a front page article continued on page A7 about rabbits? Come on NYT! That is not news!