Linguistic Analysis No. 5 — Learning

Time to write another post. Specifically, a post in which I gripe about edjumucation.

Allow me to share a quote from an edjumucator-in-training. This was his definition of intelligence:

“The ability to understand knowledge in a learning environment enhanced by internal and external factors.”

One might ask, why emphasize “in a learning environment?” A very simple reason. The speaker was talking about schools. Not “learning environments,” but schools. Humans are learning-creatures, we automatically learn. There is no reason environment needs to be factored in if we are approaching intelligence from such a broad perspective. Proximally and for the most part, all environments are learning environments. Yet the linguistic imperative of “learning environment” so often leans towards “school.”

So, I gave this guy’s definition more thought and decided to translate it into common parlance:

“The skill, based on being taught, to recall information in school.”

Notice how edjumucation does not address learning

    • DW
    • March 14th, 2010

    Every year at my former school I was dinged for not having a classroom that was an obstacle to a “conducive learning environment”. My bulletin boards and posters, no matter what I did to them, apparently kept students from learning things. So my last year there, I took everything down but my Cross of St. Benedict. My evaluation stated: Learning is not reflected in the environs of the classroom.
    The room is an obstacle or a reflection? Let’s go outside!

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