Postmodernism on the Old Ones

This may be a step backward for the blog, returning to the idea of postmodernism, but I think I’ve found an amusing way of approaching it. With a wonderful video!

I just love that! Even though I have never read any of Lovecraft’s works. Another Wiki article (which helped me get a background) can be found here. Basically, before watching this video, the extent of my knowledge of Lovecraft was simply that he had a powerful entity in his works named Cthulhu. And that Cthulhu was an octocerous sort of Titan.

First there are the great lines. You know the ones of which I speak. “Their souls make his tummy happy,” gets me every single time! Additionally, the narrator’s voice is perfect. She has got that tone of a children’s TV show down. That’s why the clip is so funny as a whole. It makes words and phrases funny — like Necronomicon (which I will touch on later) — even though they are not really funny at all.

In the brilliance of the narrator I think we find the key to postmodernism in “Lil Cthulhu.” The entities and existences of creatures in this sci-fi are horrifying at best. Yet for children, the harsh angles of the world are shaved down to polished, round surfaces. Even the Azathoth was soft — not so possible for something which is supposed to be pure chaos… In short, while “Lil Cthulhu” could simply be seen as a way to introduce children to Lovecraft in a nice way, it could really be a kind of meta-commentary on how all culture is made squishy so that children can gape at it on TV sets instead of running around being the chaotic lil cthulhi they are.

My bias, in regards to the Necronomicon, comes from the Sam Raimi Evil Dead trilogy. Groovy.

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