Weird Analysis

Time for a real post.

While it would be easy for me to rhapsodize about Heidegger, I think it would be more fun if I talk about Weird Al Yankovic. The prospect of doing a post about Yankovic has appealed to me for a while. So much of value lies buried within the verses of his bizarre parodies. I could probably spend several posts analyzing them, but for the moment I thought it would be best to pick one. Here too I had trouble. My first instinct was “Like a Surgeon,” which is so much better than anything Madonna could create, though I really enjoyed “Close But No Cigar.” For those who are put off by cartoon cleavage (and derrieres) and cartoon violence, avoid this clip.

That’s right. A freakishly misogynist cat. I think anyone would be able to see that the cat is horrible, but it may be of some benefit to see exactly why that is so. First, Jillian’s “fault” is using “the word infer, when she obviously meant imply.” The cat is a grammar Nazi — and not even an accurate grammar Nazi. Look up infer in your handy OED; infer absolutely can mean “to suggest.” Janet’s “fault” and the cat’s stupidity is more obvious. The cat has no problem frequenting boudoirs, cocktail lounges, and whatever is advertised by a sign that says, “Go Get Her.” I think we all know what that might mean… Additionally, the cat has no qualms that Janet is dressed, or rather undressed, the way she is. Yet Joe Dirt is somehow filthy? It’s the classic case of mistaking rich-people crud for gold ingots. The cat’s issue with Julie is likewise obvious. How many times in the video did we see the cat’s physiology stretch in unusual ways? Heck, the thing started out with his DNA going bonkers!

The coolest part, from the standing of this analysis, is the final few seconds of the video. The cat approaches a few urinals, but is relegated to one labeled “Cats Pee Here.” I think if we insert “Jerks” in place of “Cats,” the meaning of the sign begins to emerge more fully. In the same manner, I love how it is indeed a cat in this cartoon, not a man. I think this suggests that jerks aren’t really men. My only problem with this conclusion is that I like referring to myself as a jerk because of the snarkiness it allows me, so perhaps the cat deserves a stronger pejorative… Since this is Banned Books Week, I’ll suggest that the cat is a *#%$ @#&!ing @$&^$y son of a @#$%.

Finally, I really love some of the lines from that song! Sweating like Nixon; sweater than aspartame; are we lobbing hand grenades, honey?; are we doing government work here? The cartoonist also deserves some credit. The style totally reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.

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