Evidently, My Angriest Post Yet!

I’m pretty sure Nietzsche is stalking me. I’ve been studying his work in my Philosophy class (Philosophies of Violence and Nonviolence), and I’ve begun reading “Thus Spake Zarathustra.” It’s fun stuff. But like I said, I’m seeing him everywhere. I recently re-read a short story I wrote (a little less than a year ago) and saw elements of the crazy German everywhere. Incidentally, I sent the story in to Crazyhorse. We’ll see if them Southerners can accept a story from, not a Yankee, but a proud Midwestern boy…

I also had the “fortune” of watching the movie, Waking Life, recently. To quote Frank Zappa’s “Valley Girl,” — “Gag me with a spoon!”

Waking Life is an irritating assembly line of relativism. In short, it’s perfect for the current state of intelligence in this country. While the subject of dreams and the subject of reality are both interesting to me, the manner in which Waking Life touches them both is damningly obscene. Rather than actually go into any actual analysis of reality, the rotoscoped (yes, I learned that term from the Wiki article) actors give us antiseptic sound bites (I was struck by how many things said in the film were as vague as the mouth-farts of politicians). Existentialism (Sartre) was praised as a God-send. It was then denounced, three seconds later, by the same character who so swore by it in a logic-death-spiral that’s still got me spinning. Seriously. Existentialism was praised, then essentialism was praised. Oh, and apparently he didn’t believe in post-modernism. Never mind the fact that his logic was assuredly post-modern…

There were a LOT of generic Eastern philosophical thoughts tossed around. I’m hoping that the point of their brevity was simply to make us think. Because if they were designed to make us consider they were too passing and too arbitrary. The best scene involves a strange man holding onto a telephone pole, many feet off the ground. When asked, he replies that he doesn’t know what he’s doing up there. I loved that. But then, they ruined the absurdity by adding the phrase, “He’s all action and no theory, we’re all theory and no action.” Oh bother…

And Nietzsche was there!

Ephemeral quotes, lost in the myriad insanity, proved his existence to me yet again. Things about fear as the most basic human trait. Things about creativity, and dynamic human spirit. I believe I recall vague things about “eternal return.” Then there was the ultimate thing: mention of going-over.

God, how I love Nietzsche for the over-goer. Granted, I don’t like his approach (I don’t like violence). But it’s still such a wonderful, remarkable thing! Zarathustra praises the failed tight-rope walker — for he has over-gone his potential. He has taken a risk! A much forgotten art indeed, that taking a risk… but what did Waking Life do with dear old Friedrich’s concept of over-going? It neglected the best part!

To over-go, one must under-go as well! The tight-rope was the whole of mankind. The walker’s over-going of his personal ability coincided with his under-going. To over-go, we must also fail. Waking Life is too happy-happy-joy-joy (not the Ren & Stimpy kind, though that would be amusing) in its approach — failure is not one of its options. “Dream is destiny,” we are told — and destiny is ever elusive. We’re all individuals (in-duh-viduals), Waking Life wants us to believe. But how are we individuals, I ask? Well (apparently) we’re dreamers. Or we’re supposed to be anyways. Which to me sounds like individualistic relativism…

Oh well. Here’s a clip from the blasted thing:

Apparently I’m been devoured by that iguana. I don’t dream. Dreams can be saved for my writing, and nightmares too 🙂

(Almost forgot to mention that I am crazy about that music. Sweet, mad stuff it is!)

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