A Pitter-Patter of Patti

So. I went to bed last night (this morning) a little after 3 A.M. Normally, that would be fine, I suppose. But today I needed to wake up at 8 to get to work on time. Given that I never can fall asleep right away… Let’s just say that I’m a little tired and a little cranky. And a little loopy. My favorite thing about being tired is the heightened perception it allows. Sure, the typical degree of perception is weakened (lack of ability to concentrate), but that tiredness is good for thinking about things in creative ways. Or at least ways that are abnormal.

Last night was my birthday. Now, I honestly cannot remember a birthday I had that was actually fun. Every birthday I can remember has been either neutral or just plain bad. I’m going to qualify yesterday as a neutral birthday, which may begin to seem odd as I describe it.

For some time now there has been a girl I’ve been very attracted to. We kept a fair amount of correspondence up over the summer. Our conversations are always extensive and rambling; they are wonderful. I even asked her out once, long ago — and she had a good reason for not accepting. I was going to attempt to ask her again last night, but I kept holding back. Not out of cowardice, but out of a sense that not asking her was the thing to do. Shortly before I left she changed the topic of our conversation. She described to me that she doesn’t tell people much about some parts of her life — she is currently dating.

I was not surprised. I mean, I was surprised! But it made complete and total sense. Now, I can’t consider myself an expert at reading women — I thought she was flirting with me at some points earlier in the evening. It was totally reasonable that she should be dating someone and that I should be left out of another potential relationship. I found that I wasn’t even sad. Of course I was sad that I’m still single, but I wasn’t (and am not) able to be sad about how the night turned out. And so I went to bed with that mentality.

I was dead tired coming into work this morning. The Quad is totally empty. Save for me… Without anyone to help (I work as a tutor), I just let my mind wander for a while. It suddenly hit me that Patience and Passion are the same thing! I rushed to a dictionary to check my discovery.

Passion: from Latin “passus” — patti = to suffer

Patience: from Latin “patiens” — patti = to endure

So, to end, I shall simply say that only those in pain are truly patient.

    • DW
    • September 16th, 2009

    That is why when people cannot endure their suffering, I smirk. =)

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