Representation with Snow

Snow came down by the ton today. It came down fast and it came down hard. Most importantly, it came down very wet and sticky. On a college campus this means a number of things. For one, any time spent outdoors is time spent in peril of being bombarded by snowballs. Snow also means that there are idiots trying to sled down the steps of the football field (that would include me). But ultimately, snow seems to coax out our creative spirit. Snowmen.

Reversal of fates?

Reversal of fates?

No, I didn’t do anything quite as… interesting as Calvin. We decided to make our snowman representative of our orchestra conductor, Dr. Arnott. So we collaborated on how to represent him in snow. Snow bowtie, a huge sweater, some kind of beard, etc. What we ended up with was pretty good, albeit armless. But one question that remains is what, exactly, were we doing representing Arnott through snow?

To begin, I think it’s more obvious what we are not doing. We are not saying that he has no arms, nor that his legs are fused into one gigantic trunk. We are not saying that he is short and weighs an obscene amount. We are not saying that he is an albino. We are not saying that his heart is as cold as ice. So what does our snowman represent. In actuality, not Arnott. He may have been the basis for it, but I really don’t believe that was what building the snowman was about. Rather; I think that the process of building a snowman was more about creating a fun activity to spend time with people. The product of building a snowman can be the snowman, but I think the greater goal is that the product is a more meaningful relationship with others.

What does Calvin’s snowman represent? I can’t be certian. It probably has something to do with him either being psychotic, a misunderstood genius, or (most likely) both. Plus, he’s just kind of a deviant kid. So maybe it represents his quest for shocking his elders?

    • kelly suter
    • April 20th, 2009

    i don’t plan on getting graded on this comment but i did chuckle quite a bit

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